Avoiding the Risks in Trust Deed Investment on Self Employed 401k

All kinds of business and investments using your self employed 401k have their own certain level of risks involved. Trust deed investment is very promising particularly in self employed retirement plans because this type of investment, along with rental properties and mortgage notes, provide passive income solution to a retirement account. Just like any other investments, when investing in trust deeds using your self employed 401k, there are things you have to look into in order to minimize the risks. Below are some ideas and tips on how to avoid or lessen the risks when investing using this kind of investment.

• Know the value of the property being offered. These days, market value in some places have been decreasing, and being able to know the real value is important so that you can get the best from your investment. To make sure, it is best to pick the property location where you are familiar with the value or ask for a good appraisal.

• You have to know your position. In order to protect your position and your investment, insurance of the title is a must. The title company or the trustee can guarantee your position and protects you investment. The title company has to be credible and trustworthy.

• Trust deeds and mortgage notes are good investment options especially when you want to diversify your portfolio. If you don’t have other existing investments in your self employed 401 k, it would be best that only a portion of your retirement funds must be used in trust deeds particularly when you are not the first trust deed holder. If you are not the first trust deed holder in your investment it would difficult to foreclose the loan because you need to bring the first trust deed in current before you recoup your investment. This could be problematic especially if the amount of the first trust deed is bigger than what you have invested.

• Most often, this kind of investments require quick decision making on the part of the investor. This is because trust deed investments are time sensitive, especially on the part of the borrower. You may lose good investment opportunities if you are not quick to respond in an investment presented to you. In order to help you in decision making and reduce the risks on your self employed 401k, getting the help of an expert property consultant may be necessary.

Automated Real Estate Software – The New Trend in Investing

The value of real estate has appreciated in the last few years. It also shows great potential for growth. Hence, now might be the best time to look at an investment in property. However, if you’ve spoken to someone who already has his knees deep in real estate investing, you will realize that a lot of things are easier said than done.

It requires skill and experience to scour the market for high value properties.

Then comes landing good buyers.

Finally, there’s a humongous amount of paper work to handle.

This is where real estate investing softwares might lend a hand. They automate the entire process of real estate investing. If you would like to know more about such applications, here’s a low down on some of the common features they offer.

Lead generation –

At the click of a single button you are able to find a comprehensive list of buyers and sellers scattered across the country. The information elicited includes names and mail addresses of buyers, owners of properties, the type of property (bank owned, foreclosed, low and high equity, absentee owner etc.) and amount of cash paid.

Website creation –

Every business needs a website, especially if you do not have a physical location from which operate. Not all of us know the technicalities of writing HTML codes and designing a website. The real estate softwares can help you create targeted and user-friendly websites that you can use to showcase your business.

Direct mail generator –

Marketing is the soul of a real estate business. The more you network the more leads you can generate. The direct mail generator feature helps you setup a highly productive and efficient mailing system. You can send out emails, newsletters, posters and flyers.

There are a range of pre-made email templates you can use to send out messages to your leads. Autoresponders make sure you can keep in touch with sellers and buyers even when you are not physically present to answer their queries.

This feature is a highlight feature of most real estate software given that the savings in time and money are large.

Investing tips –

This is a section that most newbies can benefit from. Most applications include a resource library with info on the basic aspects of the trade. An open community of members can also give you an opportunity to interact and build your resource with real-time knowledge about making, building and closing a deal.

Diverse user base –

Modern-day automated real estate investing software applications cater to a varied group of investors. It includes those who buy, fix and flip properties. If you are a landlord, it can increase the convenience of managing your properties including finding tenants and repairing and renovating properties between subsequent deals. There are also features that rehabbers and builders of new constructions can use.

Contracts and paperwork –

Real estate investment also means a lot of paperwork. Most applications offer tools to generate contracts. Features such as auto-fill enable you to fill personal details into letters, contracts and other property-related documents. You can sign them online, and then email or fax them free of charge.

There is one thing – you need to be realistic. Real estate softwares are tools you can use to streamline your business. You should have a real estate business to start with and some basic know-how on investing.

Financial Consultant: Top 10 Tax Savings Tips

W-2 Employees have tax options. Although they often feel left out of the tax-loop, those who work for W-2 payroll have a wide variety of options for saving money at tax time. The secret to getting the best tax benefits lies in knowing what your options are and using all the options available to you.

1. Keep all business related receipts. IF you purchase something required for your job and are NOT reimbursed by your employer, that item may well be deductible for you as a ‘job related expense’. As a matter of habit, keep all receipts for job related expenses.

2. Be aware of all deduction options. When you know what deductions you can take at the beginning of the year, you are more likely to save money later in the year on your tax debt. Job related travel, safety deposit boxes, and more are deductible if you choose to itemize.

3. Don’t loose out on tax credits. Tax credits are created to benefit those who have unusual expenses during the year that are not legally deductible. Using the tax credits provides a benefit of returned cash for your expenses when you qualify.

4. Consider Tax Free Investments. When investing money for retirement or education benefits, consider a Tax Free Investment. The lower value of returns may balance out on reduced taxability of the investment.

5. Take a loss. Occasionally, the pay off for selling an investment at an apparent loss, can result in dramatically reducing your tax debt, gaining a benefit of less money spent, and more money gained. Your Tax Consultant can guide you, but will need your Tax information prior to the end of the year.

6. Charitable Donations. More than money, your donations to charity are deductible. If you donate clothing, furniture, or other merchandise to a recognized charity, get a receipt and use the receipt as a deduction on your taxes. Mileage driven for charity is also deductible.

7. Gifts – giving saves you money. If you are retired and your children are due to inherit a large sum of money, gifting them the maximum allowable amount each year is often preferable to maintaining a huge estate and paying estate tax. Consider gifting your children and allowing them to enjoy their inheritance early. (Your tax consultant will have other options for saving your retirement tax moneys also.)

8. Maximize your Retirement Contributions. If you’re in that ‘other category’ too young to retire, too old to have children for deductions, it’s often recommended that you maximize your Retirement Contributions. This contribution can save you money anytime, and provide a viable option for retirement.

9. Put children on the payroll. For legitimate expenses, if you pay your children (over 14) for deductible expenses, pay them a check and pay taxes. Allow them to pay

their own expenses with money they earn.

10. Double-check your Tax Documents. Many errors are made on tax documents that would save you money if caught before taxes are filed. EVEN if you have a competent Tax Consultant/Preparer doing your taxes, double-check numbers, placement of numbers, and items on your tax documents for correctness. Accounting errors can cost you money.

Having a Tax Preparer who willingly offers information about your Taxable Income and Deductions provides far better service than a minimum service whom you pay less, but end up paying more in taxes. Consider the additional amount you are paying in taxes without quality consultation, when considering your Tax Consultant’s Fee.

Sports Betting Tips – Get All the Information You Can

There are many ways in which people place sporting bets, and many different strategies used in order to maximise their chances of winning. But the number one key strategy for maximising your chances of winning that all important bet is information. Having all the relevant information you can muster before placing your bet is all-important to ensuring you stand the best chance of winning big.

This is the same idea behind many other financial investments in life. If you’re buying a home or purchasing a car, you undertake some research in order to be sure you’re investing your money wisely. The exact same principle applies to betting.

It certainly helps if you know a lot about the sport you’re betting on. Nobody should be betting on a game of cricket if they don’t know the first thing about the game. But if you follow your local football team every week and know their strengths and weaknesses, you have a much more informed view of how they might fare in their next match than your average gambler.

Bookmakers and other big stakes gamblers exploit the ignorance of the average bettor. By doing your research, you stand a much better chance of winning. Trying to get that information is a slightly trickier proposition. If you want to know the horse racing form, then you buy the Racing Post. Unfortunately everyone does that, and you will only get information that anyone serious about betting on the horses already knows.

Often the best idea is to look into a small area of a sport, and become an expert in how that area operates and the various intricacies of the competition. You might focus on say, 20/20 cricket, and know the form of the various players, and whether a run chase is doable or not based on previous games on that particular pitch. Many successful gamblers have made their fortune just focusing on one specific area, and becoming all knowledgeable about it.

Another important tool to use is odds comparison websites. Now because of the Internet, it’s possible to check the various odds offered by all the major bookmakers on an event, and selecting whichever bookie is offering you the best value. A few examples of these sites are http://www.oddschecker.com and odds.bestbetting.com. These websites also allow you to gauge whether you’re getting a good deal by viewing the history of the odds. If you see what was long odds rapidly fall just before the event, you know that a lot of late money has gone on it. Obviously you can’t tell why this has happened, but it allows you to get an idea of what the rest of the betting public are thinking. Every piece of information you can gather counts.