Forex: Investing With PAMMs

Defining PAMM

Lets first define what PAMM is: it stands for Percentage Allocation Management Module. In plain English, a money manager manages a pool of money. The pool is composed of (usually) multiple investors each of which has a share or percentage of the pool. When the money manager opens a position, the position is spread out across all of the investors accounts as an equivalent percentage of their share in the pool.

For example, if I have $10,000 and the money pool is composed of $100,000, that means that my percentage is $10,000 / $100,000 = 0.1 x 100 ( to get percentage) = 10%. So my share of the pool is 10%. Now, if the money manager opens a 1 standard lot position in the market, my account will have to open 10% of 1 standard lot, or 0.1 standard lot position.

Why have a PAMM account?

There are people who have money to invest but they just do not have the time, expertise or the patience to trade the markets by themselves so they prefer to give their money to someone else who has those skills and does this for living. Your money will automatically grow (assuming a good trader is controlling it) more than if it were in a bank and you still have full control over your account. You decide when to invest and when to stop. The trader never has access to your money and most brokers also offer protective stops which get rid of the risk of account destruction.

Advantages of investing in a PAMM

1. You do not need any Forex skill to make money all you need to do is to connect your account to the PAMM and the rest is done automatically.

2. You can keep your day job or your business and make money from two income sources. The money will grow while invested in the PAMM.

3. You have full control over what happens to your account and you can stop investing and withdraw the money nearly instantly. If the traders loses X amount of pips or Y% of the capital, you simply stop trading.

4. No one can touch your money unlike some money management services that require you to deposit money to their system. With the PAMM you are the only one that touch the money.

5. Professional traders charge usually 20% of the performance and even with such commission they manage to make more money than you in the same period of time.

6. They trade all day long because they are professionals while you can trade only after work most of the times.

7. With a nice amount of capital you can expect to make enough to pay you a second wage.

Disadvantages of investing in a PAMM

PAMMS are great but there are also some disadvantages you need tom consider when investing your money with them. Not everything are roses, there are some spikes on the road as well:

1. You do not know who is on the other side of the line, so you trust someone you do not know your hard earned cash. Make sure you read the profile very carefully about what his trading objectives are and how he manages the money. Do not go for the PAMMs which are a month old and already making 120% a month. These PAMMS rarely make it to the second month.

2. If the PAMM does not have a six month past performance or more you are trusting your money to a very high risky system that can lose all your capital if you are not careful to withdraw the money on time. PAMM trading does have risks, especially for investors seeking to make more than 5-10% a month.

3. There is no way to know when the traders changes his trading methods from good to bad and so you do never know when you can start losing money.

PAMMs are perfect for the traders who are not so skilled like the professionals or they just do not have the time or the patience to trade. PAMMs are very secure and transparent these days. Unlike what you can read in some forum reviews, PAMMs cannot steal money from the accounts, the PAMM traders has authorization to trade the money only and can never touch or withdraw it.

Best Forex Brokers – Why You Need Them

There are few fields in the economic sector that are shrouded in as much mysticism as that of trading in stocks and shares. However even more mysterious and yet the largest and most lucrative segments of the same seems to be currency trading. The approximate $ trillion being traded daily in the Forex markets dwarfs the combined $99 billion being traded in all of the world’s stock markets combined.

Forex trading is still in its nascent stages in many countries but is fast becoming a popular investment option. Currency trading can be an extremely profitable business venture, but it is not for everyone. There are many variables involved in the trade whose dynamics have to be understood by anyone who is venturing forth into this field. To become a successful trader you need to first understand what the currency market is all about. Complicated technical systems and information overload can make you slow and confuse you right from the start, making you lose money instead of making your profits grow. In order to succeed you will need to focus on a set of simple trading strategies that you can implement without hesitation. You will also need to have a thorough understanding of the different variables that may affect the position of your stocks in the market, become pro active, spot an opportunity and act on it wisely.

Or you can simply hire the best Forex brokers to manage the investment decisions for you! These professionals will provide you with the best tips and trading information to ensure that your strategies do not fail. Their expert knowledge and understanding of the market has enabled them to ensure that their clients receive accurate market insights for a more profitable and less risky trading experience. As long as you have an expert Forex broker by your side to guide you in your currency trading venture, you will always be safe from the risks of involved in this type of investments. Their expert advice will help you make the best decisions, spot the best opportunities and make the most profit from your venture.

This is why seeking professional help at the right time can help you make the best investments. Hiring the best Forex brokers is a task that every currency trader looks to take up but making the selection often calls for careful screening and research. A thorough background research of a broker, a detailed assessment of his track record, his working style current financial status, experience of past clients and service quality – all these are points to consider. These factors can be assessed in many ways – directly meeting with the broking firm, online checks on their website and third party review sites and a search on social media platforms. The decision to choose the best broker to manage your account will of course be a tough one but once you manage to do it right, most of your trading woes will vanish away completely.

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Forex Trading Guide – Learn How to Invest Like the Conglomerates

Forex Trading Guide To Learn The Fundamentals

The latest buzzword on everyone’s tongue is Forex. Open the business news channel and behold the ticking currency rates. Every single news channel will show the currency value throughout the day. In fact, many people learn about the Forex market through media and then without understanding the concepts and other factors involved in it, dive headlong into it. Another misconception about this market is that it is only for conglomerates, those people who are prosperous and can invest large sums. With the help of a Forex trading guide, you can learn how to invest like the conglomerates and reap the rewards.

Knowledge Is King

In the Forex market, the kings are those who spend enough time to understand the various intricacies of the market. Knowledge here refers to the wisdom gained by making bad decisions. However, before going into the depth of the topic, it is important to be acquainted with the language of the field. A Forex trading guide includes knowing the currency symbols, and how they relate to each other. Staying on the topic of currency, one suggestion is to try to stay with the seven or so stable currencies, rather than experimenting with other currencies at random. Furthermore, Forex trading guide provides concise yet organized information on a few currencies which provide both stable and high return investments.

Forex trading guide teaches the reader the different variables in control of the Forex market. They also talk about how their movements can affect the value of stable and other currencies. Factors such as inflation and currency liquidity are explained in brief such that the amateur investor or currency trader can extrapolate data about these indicators and prepare an informed assumption about the Forex market.

Take Baby Steps

Yes, the tortoise always wins the race. Play the tortoise by investing less cash into a currency market spread over a long duration. Do not, by any chance, harbor the thought of investing rapidly like the hare only to face the possibility of a total loss. Forex trading guide reiterates on this to all amateur traders, suggesting that they gain enough experience on small investments, before experimenting with greater risks.

Instead of emulating conglomerates and mammoth firms and trying to follow their investment patterns, find out one for yourself using a Forex trading guide. These giant institutions employ many economic advisors that guide the investments of the firm using profound and specific knowledge. Obviously, you cannot hire so many economists just to help you increase the Forex investment of yours, but learning about the working on your own will keep you abreast about the current and the future market happenings.

Be Proactive

A proactive and smart trader will never keep his hard-earned benefits in the pocket. With each good investment and each bad investment, the knowledge you shall gain will have to be applied smartly and in an intelligent manner. This seems to be the only reasonable way you can stay afloat in the Forex game and actually make some decent earnings.